Business Policies


J Spivey Photography is committed to excellent service. However we were not born yesterday, and have learned that proper business practice is essential to succeed. Below is a list of our business policy.


1. Theft; We reserve the right to cancel any service if it is determined that the customer is in fact stealing product. Stealing product is defined by those who receive or share a product created by J Spivey Photography L.L.C. and the said party has not compensated or made arrangement to compensate J Spivey Photography for that product. Products include: photo prints, digital photos, “screen shots” or “screen captures” of online photos is not permitted and also considered theft. Copying or reproducing any printed product without consent is considered theft.


2. Cancelled session; We make every effort to schedule our customers to the first available opening. Should you find that you are unable to attend your appointment, we ask that you notify us with no less then 24 hours. Session appointments that are made, and there has been no attempt to notify us of your cancellation, will forfeit any down payment.


3. Print Orders; Print orders that have not been retrieved and paid for in full after 30 days will receive an invoice by mail (or email) with the remaining balance due. After 60 days there will be a 10% penalty added to the full amount due. For each new set of 30 days, 10% will be added, until the amount is paid in full. If you are unable to retrieve your print order please notify us to make alternate arrangements.


4. Image Copyrights; J Spivey Photography L.L.C. reserves all copyrights on all images produced, unless otherwise stated. Printing rights are granted to those customers wishing to print J Spivey Photography L.L.C products themselves. It is expressly stated that no product from J Spivey Photography L.L.C. is to be reproduced for monetary profit without written consent from J Spivey Photography L.L.C.


5. Release of use; As a visual product company it is necessary to use our products to promote our business. Therefor J Spivey Photography L.L.C. reserves the right to use customer photographs for promotional use as seen necessary. If you feel strongly that you DO NOT wish to have your photos used in a promotional way please request that we keep your photos private.