Photography is very subjective. In today’s times it’s very easy to consider photos from your cell phone “good enough”. But, hows that quality really? For us here at J Spivey Photography, nothing is more precious then our own families and those closest to us in our lives. “Home is where you hang your hat”, well in many cases, it’s the location you are surrounded by the ones you love. We cover our homes in photos of those who we love most. Time passes, our we grow, our children grow, our parents grow, and life seems to just fly by. Today may not be your ideal time to “make memories” yet, the clock is ticking and life is passing us by. Why not reserve a little time out of your busy life to invest in quality photography. Photos that will kindle the love you have for your family, your parents, and your children for years to come. The twinkle in your child’s eye, or that silly stray hair, all make them who they are. Don’t rely on low quality photos that miss these things. Trust J Spivey Photography to preserve the memories, you will be glad you did!

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